How to get contraception


You can get free contraception in the UK free of charge, even if you are under the age of 16. There are many different types to choose from, you should find a method of contraception that suits you and your lifestyle.

If you have recently had sex without protection and are worried about becoming pregnant then you can get emergency contraception, but it is important to act soon to ensure it is most effective.

Don’t be put off if you first try of a contraceptive method doesn’t feel right for you, you can try other methods until you find one you feel most comfortable with.

Only condoms can protect against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, but even some STIs can be passed on when using condoms, such as pubic lice.

The safest way to avoid getting pregnant or catching an STI is to use condoms and another method of contraception.

You can get contraception from:

  • Sexual health clinics
  • Some doctors surgeries (speak with your doctor or practice nurse)
  • Some young people’s services 
  • Contraception clinics

Find your nearest sexual health or contraceptive clinic

Read more about various types of contraception:


Will they tell my parents?

Contraception is free and available to everyone including people under 16, it is also confidential meaning that your parents or carer will not be informed.

Doctors and nurses are under strict guidelines as to what they are allowed to do. They will not tell your parents or carer or anyone else as long as they believe you are mature enough and capable of making these decisions, they may encourage you to speak with your parents but they won’t force you.