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I came to England in 2008.

I was struggling in school because of the language issues, it wasn’t easy for me because I was getting bullied for my different nationality. I have found some other Czech children in my school and I felt better with that.

I had my first boyfriend when I was 12 year old it wasn’t full on relationship it was more like childhood relationship we didn’t have sex until I was 14.

I didn’t know what contraception was and he told me its fine to not use it.

I felt pregnant when I was 16 but I miscarriage the baby.

It was eye opening for me that I need to have contraception because I don’t want to ruin my life.

My mum give birth to me when she was 15 and I know how hard it was for her, she was telling me that I have my whole life to come and first I need education and then start family.

She took me to GP to start me on the contraception.

I am in college doing beauty course and I want to open my own beauty salon.

She is talking about the health and sexual health issues with her mum and her partner.

I think there is not enough information around sexual health for kids in age 14 because knowing from my experience they are staring to be sexually active then so they need more information.