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I have never finished school because my parents left me when I was 16. So I had to find a job to pay the rent. I went to the UK with my friend, because his father has a business and offered us work, so from 2016 I live in the UK.

The contraception I use is condoms, but I know I can get my testicles shut or snapped forever, there are implants, pills, injections but we don’t have to use any from above.

I just put on a condom and hope for the best.

I talk about my health with my friend or when it is serious I talk to my GP.  I talk to my girlfriend or my friend about relationships. We like to exchange experience and have a laugh as well.

I would get information from managers in work or the internet if my girlfriend would get pregnant. Answers anything else, I would find on the internet because it is still a taboo to talk about contraception and body changes in public. I have never seen anyone asking about those things.

When I first saw the term ‘safe sex’, I didn’t understand and laughed. There is not enough information on the internet and everyone I know goes on the forums something else I don’t understand it. I am 20 but I’m still trying to buy condoms in private so no one else see it.

Sometimes I wait until there are no people in my local Pharmacy and buy as many condoms as I can because the judgment hurts me even though I don’t know the person I still feel embarrassed.